Sunday, 21 February 2010

Knox v d3o - Gizmag video trauma test

Knox has been at the forefront of impact protection for 30 years and during that time we've seen a lot of companies jump on the protection bandwagon, making all sorts of claims for their technology. You may have read about d3o, a new orange protector made from "specially engineered material made with intelligent molecules".

Gizmag tested one of these new protectors against a more traditional design from Knox and they made a video too. Journalist Loz Blain fitted d3o to one elbow of his leather jacket and Knox in the other. Then Gizmag editor Noel McKeegan took a frying pan and whacked him on the elbows, going from the Knox side to the d3o side until either Loz surrendered in pain, or he got bored. Belting your colleague with a frying pan may not be scientific, but it proves a simple point, as Gizmag discovered.

"The simple fact is that Noel could have kept on swingin' at the Knox side all afternoon and it wouldn't have fazed me in the slightest, whereas the d3o side was immediately more painful".

In spite of all the claims about "intelligent molecules" the d3o 'armour' was not as effective as CE-tested and approved Knox. The painful truth soon became apparent; "By about 15 minutes after the video was finished filming, my right elbow, on the d3o side, had swollen up quite noticeably and was feeling pretty sore, whereas the left side [protected by Knox] felt as if nothing had happened".

Incidentally, the Knox Flexiform protector in the test is 15mm thick (the d3o was 8mm) and weighs approx. 100 grams.

We'll let you watch the video and draw your own conclusions about the benefits of 'intelligent molecules".

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Ellison hands it to Knox

British Superbike title contender James Ellison has chosen innovative Knox Hand Armour to help his bid for the 2010 crown. The 29 year-old Cumbrian rider has used Knox back protectors throughout his superbike and MotoGP career, and will be wearing Knox Handroid to help keep his 2010 campaign - with the Swan Honda team – on track this season.
Protecting vulnerable areas, like hands and feet, is crucial for any racer - even a ‘minor’ injury like a scaphoid break (affecting a bone in the wrist) can put a rider out action for several weeks - losing both rider and team vital championship points and jeopardising a title bid.
Since producing their first back-protector in 1981, Knox has been the leading innovator of impact protection and has now developed a new range of protection for the hand that features a host of patented protection and safety innovations.
This includes the unique exoskeleton finger and metacarpal protection, a sport profile version of Knox’s Scaphoid Protection System and the exclusive BOA lacing system, which uses an innovative cable closure system to offer the perfect fit. Innovative honeycomb gel impact protection on the back of the hand and the knuckles, plus wrist guard shrouds, complete the range’s first class protective properties.
Due to go on sale in March, Knox Hand Armour will be available from all authorised Knox retailers. Call 01900 825 825 or visit for details. See the video at
Editors Notes: James Ellison returns to the Swan Honda team after finishing runner-up in 2009 BSB Championship. Ellison was the most consistent title contender in 2009 and was the only rider to score points in each of the 26 races taking 14 podium finishes, four of which were race victories. Visit for details.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Knox backs britain's first female freestyle aerial skier at winter olympics

Sarah Ainsworth is the first lady aerial skier to be selected by Team GB for the Winter Olympics and when she takes to the air in Vancouver she will be relying on British-made Knox protection.
During the 5-year journey towards her Olympic goal Sarah has been supported by several British companies and thanked Knox, who “have been invaluable in their support for her and the aerials training team”.
Sarah, who wears the Aegis back protector added; “This feels just amazing. I have put so much work into training and it’s been such a steep learning curve in a short time. At last now I have the chance to go to the Olympics and I’m so proud to be selected. Thank you to all the people who have supported me on this journey - it’s been a real team effort”
Described as “the ballet of the Olympic skiing disciplines” Freestyle combines jumps and aerial twists with music and has attracted huge crowds since becoming an official Olympic discipline in 1994. Performing various combinations of flips and twists off snow-packed jumps that are up to 4-metres high (13 feet), and taking off at angles as steep as 70 degrees, athletes face similar risks to motocross and mountain bike racers and need top quality impact protection that is light, flexible and well ventilated.
Knox is one of the few companies providing impact protectors for snow sports that is consistently independently tested by government certified laboratories to pass the appropriate CE standards.
For more information call 01900 825825 or visit

Friday, 5 February 2010

When the boat comes in

Planet-Knox is pleased to support the Maryport Inshore Rescue - an independent lifeboat (not RNLI) and rescue service to the Solway Firth and surrounding areas.

On call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the team spend 10 hours helping the people of Cockermouth during the recent floods that devastated the town in which Knox has its factory, working until 3.30 in the morning.

Find out more about their work by visiting their facebook page.