Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Knox - So you win again!

The Knox boys were doing it again in style at the Thruxton round of BSB last weekend.

Alastair Seeley won again with another superb Superstock performance and James Ellison had 2 2nd places in the main Superbike event.
Having won all 4 round Alastair comfortably lead the Superstock championship, and James is has now moved upto 2nd in the Superbike title race.

Both riders wear the Knox Contour back protector and Dry Inside base layers with Alastair also choosing to wear the Knox Chest protector. This demonstrates that the products are unobtrusive not in any way restrictive which helps these riders perform to the best of their ability.

Best of luck for the next round lad's.


  1. Ok Ellison did well but he just can't catch Camier. he needs to be much more agressive.
    Seeley did the biss though

  2. Well done James, lets hope you can make one step higher at Snett.