Tuesday, 22 September 2009

KNOX protectors – test on a real human body

Knox is a truly global brand and we are constantly receiving feedback from riders across the world. Here ae two recent reports from riders competing in the Polish Superstock 600cc series.

Janusz Mitko #18 Superstock 600

Thanks to smooth cooperation with Red Line I have got the possibility to protect my body with Red Line suit equipped with KNOX protectors during motorcycle races since 2008. After first season I have decided to continue with KNOX also in 2009 as a rider of DePRO Racing Team. This season ends very soon and I would like to share me feelings about this product. I am not aware to admit that I am rather a risky rider, who tries very quickly to get on a pro level having very poor experience, and if you know what motorcycle racing is about, you know that means lot of crashes I stopped counting how many times I had a crash (delicate or really serious one) but what I know is that I can write this text right now thanks to perfect protection of my body during races. KNOX back protectors are very convenient and there were never any problems in wearing it, being true, I have never felt this protector on my back. It can seem that something that is so light and almost not existing on your body cannot protect your backbone, neck and other sensitive parts of your body, but….it can, believe me. I experienced different kinds of rider’s defeat – huge high-sides, really fast low-sides, crashes with other rider, going straight into safety zone, etc. – and never have any serious injuries. I can fully recommend KNOX product and I will surely use them in the future, they can guarantee safety on the race track, and I know it not from advertising, I felt it in reality.

Arkadiusz Sliwa #23 Superstock 600
I have been using Knox protectors for 2 years now, and I am that type of rider who doesn’t fall very often, but once I do fall it is usually quite hard. This year I went down twice. One crash was a low-side at apx. 150 km/h where mainly Red-Line racing suit got tested, and it has passed this test very good for me. The second crash was a spectacular high-side while riding in wet which thanks to Knox back protector finished only with a huge purple bruise on my butt instead a serious injury. As far as comfort these protectors are really great, together with Red Line racing suit they all feel as a one integral package which gives me a lot of confidence each time a throw a leg over my bike.

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