Monday, 23 November 2009

Knox survives Cockermouth floods

Planet-Knox, the UK's leading manufacturer of impact protection for extreme sports, has escaped the worst of the devastation caused by recent flooding in Cumbria. Although their factory is situated in central Cockermouth, which experienced some of the worst flooding for 1000 years, only a few inches of water entered the building. However, the area in which the factory stands has been cut off for several days, so today has been the first opportunity that management and staff could get in to assess the situation.

"Our biggest problem has been the lack of electrical supply up to now, as without power all our communications have been down" explains managing director Geoff Travell. "However we are now back up-and-running and we will certainly be at the NEC Bike Show later this week to launch our 2010 collection."

Anyone wishing to contact Knox is asked to be patient while staff deal with the backlog of calls and emails inbetween mopping up.
Call 01900 825825 or visit

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