Thursday, 10 December 2009

Still waters run deep at Knox

British impact protection manufacturer recovers from ‘biblical’ flood

Press Release 10 December 2009Planet-Knox, the UK’s largest manufacturer of impact protection for extreme sports, is still in business, having survived the worst floods in 1000 years hitting its home town of Cockermouth.

Although the factory is situated close to the River Derwent, which burst its banks and submerged the High Street under eight feet of muddy water, only a limited amount entered the Knox premises. However, the building was inaccessible for several days due to roads and bridges being impassable and all this happened less than a week before Knox was due to launch its revolutionary Hand Armour at the NEC Motorcycle Show. Initial inspection suggested that the damage was not too serious, only affecting carpets and low level stock, but further investigation revealed some serious issues.

“On returning from a highly successful NEC show we find that the recent flood damage is worse than initially thought” explains Planet Knox MD Geoff Travell. “We’ve had to sanitize the factory, as the flood water was contaminated, our offices will be out of action until the New Year and we’ve lost a significant amount of stock, materials and general equipment”.

He continues; “The team have all been amazing; everyone has pulled together in spite of the difficulties we face – just getting to work when half the bridges in the county are closed is a major achievement. We expect to be back to 100% by the end of January”.

Knox wishes to reassure customers that it is business as usual – ‘phones, emails and faxes are being answered and orders are being despatched – but ask for a little patience while they get back on their feet.

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