Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Review of Knox armour for downhill mtb by Pinkbike

Considering protection to go downhill mountain biking? Then you definitely need to read the latest review of the Knox Warrior BC9 safety harness, Cross elbow guards and Cross Lite knee guards. The largest Mountain Biking site on the internet, these guys go into detail about the products and evaluate how well they work. And they like them!

  • "If you're looking for full protection and you're going down hard on that rock section or at speed then this Knox Warrior body armour is exactly what you want on. The back coverage is awesome (if a little short) and the front chest is unbeatable at protecting your vitals". Warrior BC9

  • "More comfortable than a fresh pair of new socks, these are a dream to wear. The Knox Cross Lite Knee Guard has a honeycomb knee protector to absorb the big hits that is all enclosed in a tough abrasion resistant fabric. Held in place with a large, wide and adjustable elastic strap ensures they stay in place all day". Cross Lite
Read the full review (with plenty of pictures to show what they're writing about) at

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