Friday, 20 March 2009

Dan Couzens bounces back with Knox

Dan Couzens races in the UK Mini Twins series. This is his story.

"I am sending this email to say thank you very much for the top quality back and chest protector you supplied me with. Unfortunately I've had to use them already! I was hit by another rider after the race had been stopped, I had slowed to about 20mph for the red flags due to an incident on the start line and another rider a few bikes back hadn't spotted the reds and hit me directly from behind doing at least 80-90mph. As you can imagine the resulting impact was a large one, the other rider knocked themselves unconscious on my back and i have broken my radius,ulnar and scaphoid in my left arm and hand. Amazingly I barely have a sore neck and my back is absolutely fine!! I strongly feel this is due to the quality of your product and have been doing my best to promote it to everyone i know, it has been tried and tested now in a large accident and proven its worth. I feel compelled to send you this since i feel very lucky and could be in a far worse condition were it not for your equipment and for that i am very grateful! Yours sincerely, Danny Couzens #4 Minitwin"

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