Thursday, 5 March 2009

New look and new message from Knox

Knox, the specialist brand dedicated to the design and manufacture of impact protection has unveiled a new brand identity logo. Subtly different the new logo is softer, richer and more dynamic. This is the first phase of a major shift in strategy for the British company, which continues to innovate truly world leading protection for high risk sports.

“Since the company was founded back in 1981 we have improved the design and quality of our products every year to ensure we lead the market in comfort, fit and protection” explains MD Geoff Travell. “However we realise that the time had come to revitalise our image and the new logo perfectly represents our strategic brand positioning and reflects our core values of trust and integrity.”

When the CE-standard for motorcycle protection became law in 1995 Knox was almost unique as a manufacturer of approved body armour, but with increasing numbers of manufacturers jumping onto the bandwagon, customers are being bombarded with confusing information and dubious claims from many sources.
“We want people to appreciate the added value of Knox” adds Travell. “Not only are our products designed by people who understand the applications and actively participate in the activities for which they’re intended, our products are independently tested and approved to current standards. When it comes to the crunch, Knox products give you proven and trusted protection. We want our customers to know that we are dedicated to protection”

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