Monday, 12 April 2010

Knox goes downhill in Ireland

Dublin's Dan Sheridan, 2008 Irish national champion in the under 14 category, has recently reviewed Knox MTB armour on his website. "I'm happy to say that I will be riding for Knox this season and will be protected by all their great armour" writes 15-year old Dan. "After having a rough season last year with lots of injuries it's great to know that I will be protected properly and hopefully have an injury free year thanks to Knox. I got all my armour last week and got the chance to test it out at the first Irish race at the weekend. I'm really happy with all the products – it's all really comfy and great protection. The Warrior BC9 is made and works very well my Leatt brace, which fits on perfectly without the need to cut up jerseys or armour, it's also highly adjustable, comfy and doesn't cause you to get all hot and stuffy. Other products I received were the Cross Guard elbow pads, Cross Lite knee pads and Cross Max knee and shin guards. It all works a treat and stays were it should". Follow Dan's progress this season at

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