Friday, 23 July 2010

Knox Handroid passes driving test

Barely six months since it was unveiled at the motorcycle show in Birmingham, innovative Knox Handroid hand armour is winning praise from road testers on the UK’s best-selling motorcycle magazines.

“They have to be the trickest gloves on the market, everyone has commented on them favourably, and it’s not just for show” writes Adam Child of Motor Cycle News.
Comfort and control has featured prominently in feedback;

“Initial feel is of supreme protection, because of the wealth of it in the glove's construction” states Fast Bikes’ Benjamin Kubas Cronin. “Despite the palm leather being thicker than many of their rivals, feel is not compromised and they've lasted longer than any other pair of gloves I've used thus far.”

Alan Dowds at Superbike adds; “They do look cool, of course, and the click of the Boa lacing system sounds even more cool. Once on though it’s the fit and comfort that really pleases, plus there’s loads of feel for the controls through the kangaroo skin on the palm.”

The exclusive Boa lacing system has proved popular; “Aside from the obvious and cool bio-mechanical protection running the length of the fingers, by far the best part is the cuff-closure system,” comments Benjamin. Adam concurs; “The fastening mechanism works really well, simply turn the dial to fasten the glove effectively and quickly”.

Featuring patented technology including the Exo skeletal flexible spines, Scaphoid Protection and Boa lacing systems, Knox Hand Armour is redefining the motorcycle glove. Available from all authorised Knox retailers, call 01900 825 825 or visit for details. See the video at

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