Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Classic case for wearing Knox

It's not only riders of modern sports bikes who need knox-armour, as the following report from classic racer Frank Melling proves. When not busy organisining the Thundersprint, Frank races a G50 Matchless.

"I was reminded of the key reason for wearing a Knox back protector yesterday at Donington. The breather tube split on the Matchless and put oil on the back tyre. The rest, as they say, is history. I walked away with minimal damage except a bruised nose and other assorted lumps. This was almost nothing from a 70mph off. When I had finished sliding down the track on my back and head, the first thought in my mind was that state of the art protection is cheap. Forget power, handling and tyres. None of these mean a thing when the job goes wrong and at that point it’s rather too late to wish you had spent the money on a Knox back protector!"

He makes the following point about the need for protection; "I cannot understand the logic of: 'I only race a classic so I don’t need state of the art protection.' I didn’t notice the tarmac being any softer because I came off a G.50"

All at Knox wish Frank (and his Matchless) as speedy recovery and hoe they're back on track soon.

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