Tuesday, 17 August 2010

FiveTwo Race Team results from national champs and national points 4x series round 5

Nps 4x round 5 - With the team all eventually arriving in Devon, miles from home, we were all ready for a long weekend of racing and taking on the challenges that lay ahead (writes Team Manager John Lee). We all had some big goals and aims, but this is 4x racing and it never goes the way you expect!

John Lee 9th place in Senior - John battled hard and put up his best performance yet, but in all honesty was still finding his feet with large jumps and having a field day with any technical sections that featured here. By choosing some tight hard lines he was able to edge into the lead on tough corners, giving him ample space to lead with. After a great batch of moto`s he took two 1st places and a 2nd and 3rd, but unluckily got called for a run off to determine whether or not he would make his first ever B final. Off the gate John took a bike length lead and it looked in the bag, but as he rolled over the step up he was torn off his bike by a slipped pedal and slammed into the stem for a horrible ride down the first berm.

Suzy Lacey 4th place in Female/Elite - The wind and rain was making the series leader, Suzy, feel like she had to play the race safe and not air the jumps in her usual fashion. With pressure from every angle and with the jumps not being sorted she quickly found herself playing catch up and not in her usual winning position. As she approached the A final she gave it one last chance and came just inches behind 3rd place and with a focus being on the national champs the following day being a better result. Suzy still comfortably leads the series and is set to take the title home in September!

Claire Pollard 9th place in Female/Elite - Claire’s first race from her horrible crash was not going to be anything mind blowing or extravagant. But after her cautious training laps that morning she managed to piece together a safe run, which needed improvements in a lot of areas, but it still showed she was able to get back on her bike and show a lot of strength in other areas. With nice gates and better berm technique - winter will certainly see her move forwards with time for confidence to grow and thrust her forwards in her category.

Kieran Brown 9th place in Juvenile - Kieran’s second ever race was again another alien experience upon his newly geared up DMR. He started his day strong but just couldn’t seem to hold any lead he got in the races. After every race he tried harder and harder to get better results and make the final - but it just wasn’t his day. After some issues over the first double and step up he just couldn’t find his way through the pack and he ended his day just missing out on entering the finals.

Suzy Lacey - Silver UK National Championship 4x - With Suzy aiming all year to take home the national title and jersey, only one girl could stop her - the UK world cup experianced racer, Katy Curd. After a hard race the day before she had refocused and got her training session dialled on the track that morning before the races begun. In the final Suzy out-gated all of the competitors and led the field into the first straight and step up, as they came round the second berm her and Katy were neck and neck through the tabletops and into the rock garden. Katy managed to pull ahead of Suzy slightly and Suzy jumped her way to the finish only a bike length behind Katy Curd!

Claire Pollard - 6th UK National Championship 4x - Also returning from injury was Claire, whose confidence has taken a massive beating since her last big crash and her slow recovery meant she was cautious and slightly off in her fitness, but her brave and courageous efforts gained her into the B final and she finished 6th!


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