Saturday, 3 October 2009

Knox SPS wins hands down

More and more glove manufacturers are recognising the benefits of adding Knox SPS to their products - you can even find some winter gloves featuring SPS. The simple sliders protect the scaphoid bone, which links the wrist and thumb, by allowing the leather glove palm to slide down the road in an accident. Here are two recent testimonials from around the world.
"I would like to thank you for making a quality product. I have a pair of Komodo K-FX Gloves (above left) that have been crash tested twice with absolutely no damage to my hands. I had a 50 mph lowside on the street a few months ago & all I received was a slight grinding down of the palm sliders. This past Saturday at Texas World I had a 110 mph highside. I slid over 50 feet. The gloves have a slight rub mark on one palm & the sliders are all ground down pretty good." Michael, customer of Komodo Gear in the USA. Find out more about Komodo gear at
"You guys at KNOX may like this picture of a Lookwell Ultra glove with SPS (above right), exposed to really high speed on-hands-landing'. This guy would have been disabled if it wasn’t for these gloves with SPS……… He did not even have a scratch …….." Jos van Gent, Lookwell Bike Fashion, NL

When buying gloves check whether they feature Knox SPS - patented technology to protect your hands.

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