Sunday, 18 October 2009

Pinbike wizard rates Knox

Jumble is a donhill mountain bike racer attempting to compete in the Mega Avalanche in 2010. Knox has supplied him with protective gear and this is what he says;

"Today is a day I will never ever forget! Firstly a massive box containing 520 bars of "Health bars" arrive from Eat natural in support of my project. Then a box full of Body armor arrives at my door from Knox - this box is phenomenal and a real treat! Inside is a wealth of body protection including a Warrior Chest armor, Elbow pads, Leg pads, Knee pads, Stickers galore, Padded shorts and awesome Knox bag. I am actually speechless and amazed at this sponsorship. Full reviews and tests on this kit will be posted soon on pinkbike from this UK based company!"

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