Thursday, 1 October 2009

Men’s and Women’s Cold Killers Collection - winter 2009/10

Cold Killers have re-engineered their entire collection of Men’s and Women’s windproof base layer clothing for an even better fit. With a well-established reputation for comfort, the changes for winter 2009/10 are subtle, such as lengthening the body and increasing the neck circumference on sports tops, designed to further enhance the snug fit experienced thanks to the use of Softshell fabric with exclusive active stretch.

Johnny Haynes, Chief Riding Coach of the California Superbike School (UK & Europe), highlights the importance of a comfortable base layer; “There is nothing more annoying than an under suit that bunches up!” He notes that; “elasticated cuffs, unobtrusive seams, lightweight materials and a soft lining make Cold Killers very comfortable and non-invasive to wear underneath leathers. I tried the Cold Killers sport top & pants on a bitterly cold day at Brands Hatch and was very impressed indeed.”

The Cold Killers collection is just as important for women as Kirsty Johnson of the EPM Enduro Club commented on a recent off road day in Wales; “We started the day with a layer of Cold Killers as they are perfect for keeping you warm on the long road sections. With the windproof front and breathable back they keep you at just the right temperature while giving you the freedom to move once off road. When the sun appeared cold killers were thin and light enough to be stuffed quickly into a backpack.”

Why it Works
Experts advise that the two most critical factors in staying warm outdoors are insulation, which keeps heat near the body, and keeping moisture away from the skin, to prevent heat loss from conduction.

Cold Killers achieves both thanks to its unique combination of a water resistant windproof membrane with a 3D fleece liner. The membrane prevents cold wind and rain from penetrating the base layer, while the 3D fleece insulates, yet allows air to circulate freely, thus preventing perspiration from building up. This season’s collection features sports tops for men and women, long pants, under gloves, socks, neck tubes and balaclavas.

New Website
For more information about the current range and full UK stockist list, visit the new dedicated Cold Killers website that is designed to give much more specific technical and product information. Alternatively call Cold Killers direct on 01900 825825.

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