Sunday, 21 March 2010

Testimonial - Rob Craig, Dawn to Dusk

We received the following testimonial from Rob Craig, who rides a KTM EXC450 in enduro, including the gruelling Dawn to Dusk, which is a 24-hour off road marathon.
"When I'm riding enduro the most important thing for me is to feel comfortable and safe" writes Rob. "With my Knox body armour, even after 24 hours of gruelling riding in the Dawn to Dusk Marathon Man class, it was still comfortable. This was the ultimate test for the Knox body armours, and for me, and it passed with flying colours."
So far, so good. But would Knox pass the ultimate test, in Rob's wife's washing machine? "In one word ... yes! It came out like new!"
Rob clearly rates Knox very highly and has been glad of its protective qualities during the occasional fall and when hitting trees too.
"So whether you are an every day rider, a weekend rider, a racer or one that takes riding to the extreme," says Rob "For me the Knox body armour is always a winner."
This is one of many unsolicited testimonials that Knox receives day in day out. Whatever your experience, we're always happy to hear from you.

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