Sunday, 7 March 2010

Video shows protection provided by KanTeq and Knox

Planet-Knox technology is used by KanTeq in their equestrian body protectors. They recently received the following testimonial. The video shows the full force of the impact.

"Dear KanTeq, I have recently had an incident where I unfortunately had to make full use of my KanTeq body protector.

Last saturday (27th Feb) I experienced a rotational fall on my horse, Rolo. I was riding a 85cm eventers challenge course at Pachesham Equestrian centre. Upon arriving at jump no. 10 in the cross country section of the course, Rolo intended to stand-off over the spread, however he didn't gain enough height or width to clear it, and despite being a fairly advanced jumper he left a fore leg trailing. Needless to say we both ended up 'eating dirt'. Rolo took out the whole jump, and landed on his knees, forcing me onto the floor next to him, as he rolled a full 360 degrees, his hind-quarters landed on my upper back.

I think we both suffered with slight shock, but despite being taken to hospital after suffering vision problems and back/shoulder complaints I was discharged 3 hours later with no broken bones. I truly believe that my decision to wear my KanTeq that day could have effectively saved my spine from any long-lasting damage, and it is unbelievable that I didn't suffer any broken bones after having almost half a tonne land on me!!!

After previously show jumping without a body protector, I will now ALWAYS put it on before I jump!

Thank you KanTeq!


Freddie Forrest & Rolo (who may I add was fully sound after the ordeal)".

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  1. So when are you going to apply this full torso coverage and armor to your biking gear? As it stands, ribcage, upper/lower digestive tract, and clavicle protection is woefully inadequate for ALL biking gear out there. These equestrian vests cover all those areas in a wraparound fashion the biking gear does not. And I own a Warrior chest armor piece. I'd like to see more study materials used that reach BETA 2009 level 3, which is double the impact absorption of CE level 2.