Monday, 24 May 2010

Handroid 100mph crash test report

"After seeing a good friend and close rival crash at croft and suffer serious hand injuries I decided to invest in some quality race gloves" writes Jamie Harrison (race no. 90). "After studying the market I decided on the very impressive Knox handroids".

"During the next race meeting at Cadwell Park on the 2nd May, shortly after taking the lead, I had a big off at the Gooseneck travelling around 100mph, which destroyed my bike, snapping the frame in half. After bowling over four or five times I came to a halt. My new Knox handroids and Knox back protector had done their job brilliantly and to everyone’s amazement I got up and walked away without a mark on me. Big thanks to Knox for another great product and I won’t be racing without my handroids on!!"

These close-ups show how effectively the sliders have worked, protecting the leather from serious abrasion. Read all about Hand armour at

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