Saturday, 25 September 2010

Head start with Cold Killers this winter

The face, head and chest are more sensitive to changes in temperature than the rest of the body*, and as any motorcyclist and scooter rider will know, keeping those areas properly insulated and protected from the cold and damp can be difficult.

Part of the Softshell mid-layer collection, Cold Killers' Hot Hood, Maxi Tube and Mini Tube are specifically designed to help keep the face, head, neck and chest area warm and dry, during even the most miserable winter weather conditions. Like the complete Cold Killers range, the Hot Hood, Maxi Tube and Mini Tube all feature Softshell fabric construction: a three-ply laminate, with a tough and tightly woven stretch fabric on the outside, a laminated membrane, and 3-D fleece liner.

This three-layer system acts as a barrier against the wind - helping to reduce the effects of wind chill - and allows warm air to circulate round the skin, reducing the overheat/chill-down cycle associated with conventional layering. It's also water repellent and breathable, so prevents rain getting in while letting perspiration out.

Thin and flexible, Cold Killers eliminates the need for extra layering, allowing freedom of movement and ensuring there are no ‘tight spots' to restrict circulation. In addition, flat seams and stretch panels are used throughout for a comfortable fit.

Softshell is also fully machine washable, to ensure season-long protection and comfort. The Cold Killers Hot Hood and Mini Tube are available at an RRP of £16.99 each; the Maxi Tube - which features an extended chest area - costs £19.99. All are available in a ‘one size' universal fitting for men and women. For detailed information on each product and the entire range of Cold Killers Softshell garments, call 01900 825825, or visit


Editor's notes: *Source: Don't Swallow Your Gum: And Other Medical Myths Debunked: Dr Aaron Carroll Dr Rachel Vreeman. Penguin, 5 Nov 2009. ISBN: 978-0141043364.

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