Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Knox Contour is a 'life saver' at the World's fastest road race

Whether you ride on road or track you need the best protection available, but when racing on the roads the stakes are really high. Dave Hewson was competing in the Superstock class (1000cc superbikes on road tyres) at the Ulster GP, which is the fastest road race in the World. He was wearing a Knox Contour when he fell off at the superstock race. While he sustained injury he is now well on the way to a full recovery and Dave is in no doubt that his Knox Contour saved his life;

"As the A+E nurse said, and I fully agree 'if it wasn't for your back protector you'd probably be dead.' With that in mind I'd like to thank you for making such brilliant products and I'll be buying another knox contour before I get back on my bike. Thank you."

Everyone at Knox wishes Dave a speedy recovery.

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